Collective Wisdom in Healthcare needs Collaboration Software

September 30, 2020 - Anna E. Schmaus-Klughammer

Collective wisdom, also called group wisdom and co-intelligence, is shared knowledge arrived at by individuals and groups.

How can knowledge arrive by individuals?

Using a collaboration software allows to collect information and data. Information might be words only or sentences. Data can be collected in healthcare.

How to collect collective information in healthcare with Collaboration Software? is a web-based collaboration software which is used where pictures are important.

A web-based software is available wherever there is internet access.

Information can be collected in healthcare such as in hospitals or at home when patients capture pictures with their smartphone because of health issues. Patients may capture their body to find out whether a stroke occurred or from their leg where there might be a decubitus or burned skin from other parts of the body. Even a mole can be captured and shared. All these activities produce data. In combination with second opinions from medical personnel a lot of information will be gathered. The information may be transferred automatically to a database where it can be processed. includes a module for questionnaires and live video chats. It has extensive security features (password, closing a case for externals, SSL). There are different moderator and user rights available. A case history registers all the activities done on the case. A built-in DICOM viewer allows to view DICOM images without having a viewer installed. All case activities are shown to all participants in real time. Different languages for the user interface may be selected, more languages may be added. is a web-based collaboration software which is used where information has to be collected through questionnaires. With questionnaires can be created easily without having any additional knowledge. Each form has a unique URL which can be shared on any social media platform, via email or on your home page. One of the outstanding features of is the possibility to sign a form online while you fill it out. and are responsive software products. They can be used either on a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. The user interface always looks perfect. and are developed in Germany by Klughammer GmbH.