Our team of software engineers works closely together with physicians and scientists from different medical disciplines. We make use of the most advanced technology to develop our software products. Hospitals and physicians all over the world use the platforms to exchange diagnoses, data and knowledge.

Share your medical cases in an easy and secure way. is a web-based telemedicine software which allows to share and view medical cases in a simple and safe way. You can share and discuss pathology images, CT scans, DICOM images or other medical files (pdf, doc, xls etc.) with your colleagues or other expert doctors.

Screenshots is free for basic usage!


Web-based telemedicine software

CampusMedicus is a powerful, web-based telemedicine software. The content management system is used for connecting an unlimited number of doctors with national and international hospitals. First and second opinion (store-and-forward), video-conferences (live), teaching and epidemiology are the core aims. CampusMedicus is easy to use and runs with low bandwidth internet connections.

For example, if patients suffer from a particular disease in a hospital and no expert doctors are available, it is helpful if doctors from all over the world can exchange information on the disease, develop joint databases and carry out trials.

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Collecting Data made easy.

DataMedicus is a web-based data collection software. It is used for studies and / or surveys.

An unlimited number of doctors can cooperate in common projects. They can generate forms, send surveys by email, mail or social networks. The results are exported for further software processing. Surveys for an unlimited number of patients can be carried out.

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We design and manufacture hardware that helps our customers to solve problems in microscopy and telemedicine. Our hardware packages for telemedicine were assembled together with physicians and scientists from different medical disciplines. They tell us what they need. As a result we manufacture parts for those packages, as we could not find them on the market.

Anti-Vibration Platform

Eliminates ambient vibrations

Passive Anti-Vibration Platforms

The ease of use and excellent stability of the KL-AVP passive anti-vibration platform makes it ideal for microscope users who need to eliminate vibrations. No installation is required. Simply mount the microscope onto the platform and it is ready for use. If necessary the bearings can be exchanged easily. Different sizes and shapes are available. The price / performance ratio of the KL-AVP is excellent.

The KL - AVP platform can be used with Nikon, Leica, Mitutoyo, Olympus and Zeiss microscopes.

Customized platforms can be manufactured. Depending on the microscope, different bearings will be used.

Anti-Vibration Bearings (AVF)

Working with springs, the AVF are passive, small, and efficient. These mechanical bearings isolate vibrations in six degrees of freedom. They make air, other hardware, or software completely unnecessary.

Fixing screws (optional) allow to lock the bearings if needed.

Depending on the microscope’s weight, different bearings will be installed.